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What makes Seis Cielo different from other coffee is our commitment to a sustainable future which is based around relationships with our farmers and a just payment for the work they put in to grow, select and produce great coffees while acting as stewards for globally important ecosystems.
No sustainable coffee certifications account for quality and this we believe is part of the problem.– Specialty coffee and the work done by the Cup of Excellence and Transparent Trade Coffee puts a price tag on great coffees and promotes living wages for farmers, we believe these come hand in hand – quality creates value.

We are on a mission to create a truly sustainable and delicious cup of coffee.

Our intention is to build a bridge direct from a community of first class Honduran growers to coffee roasters and enthusiasts.

Our coffee is roasted in small batches so it always arrives fresh.

Seis Cielo offers unique specialty blends and exclusive micro lots.

All our prices paid to farmers are available as apart of our commitment to sustainable and transparent trade coffee