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Hello Subscribers

The shop is finally OPEN!

We are really excited to see everyone again and to share more stories and information about coffee.

Covid-19 has impacted everyone and as a small business we understand how hard it has been to stay open and support employees.  On the positive side we hope that everyone has had the opportunity for a few moments of reflection undisturbed by anxiety for the future.

One reflection we could share is that our Community is a lot more important then we understood.

A sense of community and a feeling of shared goals has helped keep many small service industry businesses open in Penticton.  If we want to be a place of diversity we know we need to make the choice to support local.  Community also creates trust and connections between people that are mutually supportive.

We also feel a part of the community in which we buy our coffee, and this why we could actually source coffee during the COVID-19 shutdown.  Without being physically in Honduras to select and cup coffee and in our case, do the actual export process we have had to rely on our producers, or specifically one Producer Daniel Ramirez from Finca El Laurel, to help us get our coffee.


Daniel Ramirez Jr. has helped Seis Cielo Coffee select coffee lots for 2020 and managed the shut down logistics for us in Honduras.  Conditions in Honduras are a lot different than Canada and it was an extremely valuable service he made for us.  Additionally Daniel and his father are storing our coffee on their farm until processing and export facilities reopen in the country.

Without relationships that are built on trust we would be in a risky position committing to buy a product we could not see or try ahead of time.  Usually it is the producer that has to take on all the risk.  Most small producers take on the job of growing coffee without insurances for crop failure or market conditions or payment times. Now in developing nations where coffee grows, there are even more insecurities as a result of Covid-19.  The inequities of our global economy and corrupt political agendas keep putting more and more on the shoulders of those with the least agency.

This is why it is so important we keep supporting conditions that create resiliency and sustainability in coffee communities–that means paying a price for coffee that enables a living wage for small producers. Our goal at Seis Cielo is to prove our farm partners can live outside of poverty without the customer paying more for a cup of coffee. If you love coffee and want to make sure it is always available, you must love the people and places where it comes from.  We are in this together.

Read more about changes in specialty coffee sourcing because of COVID-19 (Seis Cielo Coffee Roasters has a brief appearance)



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