finca el laurel

Finca El Laurel is the reason we found Las Delicias community. After winning the 2017 COE ™ Daniel Ramirez was visited by many international green coffee buyers. His coffee hits the shelves in Japan as well as Canada.

Coffee Plantation Size: 9 Hectares

2018 Production:

Elevation: 1400m

Varieties: Parainema, Lempira, IHCAFE 90

Processing methods: Wet mill

Drying methods: Elevated solar driers

Conservation Practices:

Lots available:

Roasted from Seis Cielo Coffee Roasters; Lot El Laurel

Finca El Laurel Lot El Cambio is also a key part of EL Paraiso Peaks Espresso Blend

Green Beans: Lot Primavera, Lot El Roble, Lot …