Delicias Mountain Dark Roast


• Whole Bean Coffee
• Dark Roast
• Chocolate citrus with a clean finish
• Parainema
Transparent Trade Coffee -19.3% Return to Origin
• Packaged in a compostable bag with dissolvable label
• One way valve for freshness
• Roasted weekly

This blend is made up of coffees from 12 small producers from the Las Delicias mountain community. Even as a dark roast this blend holds on to citrus flavors that the area is known for. The Delicias Mountain Dark Roast is a citrus and chocolate coffee with a clean finish.

Recommended Use: Anyway you enjoy your dark roast and especially through a press.

We paid the farmers directly USD $2.00/lb for coffee used in this blend.

.340 kg
3.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm

340 G, 5 lbs.

Whole Bean or Select Grind

"Whole Bean" "Press" "Filter" "Espresso"


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