El Paraiso Peaks – Signature Espresso Blend


• Whole Bean Coffee
• Signature Espresso Blend
• Tropical blend with a velvet mouthfeel
• Honduran varieties
Transparent Trade Coffee – 24.3% Return to Origin
• Packaged in a compostable bag with dissolvable label
• One way valve for freshness
• Roasted weekly

This is a bright yet balanced espresso and has a great velvety mouthfeel with tropical fruit highlights. The coffee growing area of El Paraiso is Honduras is known for producing coffees with refined acidity and this blend highlights the best of the region.

Recommended for Espresso – awesome on its own and goes great as any milk drink.

The farmers were paid and average of USD $3.72/lb for the coffee used in this blend.

.340 kg
3.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm


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