Finca Andino Estate – Medium Roast


• Whole Bean Coffee
• Medium Roast
• Creamy, mandarin oranges and white sugar
• IHCAFE 90 variety
Transparent Trade Coffee – 21.5% Return to Origin
• Packaged in a compostable bag with dissolvable label
• One way valve for freshness
• Roasted weekly

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Our only IHCAFE 90 variety bean, this coffee is from a single producer Jose Innocente Andino who is one of the top producers in Las Delicias. This coffee is sure to one of our lasting favorites. If you like a bright and balanced cup, then you will enjoy coffee from Finca Andino.

This coffee has a lasting flavor and we recommend using as a drip or filter coffee.

Jose Innocente Andino was paid USD $2.60/lb for this coffee.

.340 kg
4.5 × 4 × 3 cm


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