Timemore Chestnut C2



Novice Friendly | Sturdy aluminum body, stylish color handles, through effortless grinding, get coffee powder with uniform particle size, easily elevate coffee lovers’ pour-over flavor. Smooth Grinding | CNC stainless steel conical burr, hardness to HRC58, cut beans fast and consistently. Crank handles up to 14cm, smooth and energy-saving. Clicks 24, get 15g pour-over coffee powder in 18sec. Practical Design | Checkered pattern for a comfortable gripping experience. Patented regulator, adjust the coarseness by a steel ball damping structure to ensure precise coffee power size. Wide Brewing | Patented Point to Point Coarseness Adjuster, to meet required particle size for Espresso, AeroPress, Pour-Over, Cold Brew, French Press.

.9 kg
6 × 6 × 6 cm

Blue, Black


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