Diversity is the very core of what sets Honduran coffee apart.

Honduras may be small, but it’s rich in different varieties, processes, altitudes, micro-climates, cup profiles, and more.

Seis Cielo offers unique specialty blends and exclusive micro lots. Amongst those include coffees from the 2017 Honduras Cup of Excellence (TM) Winner Finca El Laurel.

The Cup of Excellence winner of 2017 was a Parainema bean. The variety Parainema was born in the laboratories IHCAFE as a variety resistant to nematodes a problem that Finca el Laurel has faced and is named after the region, PARA (El Paraíso) and NEMA. Additionally we offer the Honduran hybrid Lempira (our top scoring micro lot) and the Hybrid named after the organization that created it, IHCAFE 90.

Our partnership with the small coffee farms of las Delicias would not have been possible without the assistance of the Honduran Institute of Coffee, IHCAFE. This organization facilitated our initial communication with the community and guided us through the process of understanding the Honduran side of the coffee industry.

IHCAFE has also supported the Honduran coffee growers by adapting hybrids that have year after year surprised everyone in their attributes and growing evidence of longer lifespans.

The work IHCAFE has done to create resilience in Honduran farms through hybrids and education will be prove an immeasurable benefit when the effects of climate change increasingly impact the coffee industry.

The Coffee Selection Process

It all started out on October 2017 when we made a commitment with the community of Las Delicias to buy their coffee so they had the ability to hold off on sales to the intermediaries and put in the extra effort to be more selective with confidence in a more advantageous sale.

Selection: We were saved the best harvest, the coffee ripening in March and April. The coffee was carefully selected by the farmers with help of neighbours. The picking process is done by coffee growing families who know what they are looking for, selecting and sorting with care.

Fermenting and Washing

Don Daniel Ramirez and his two sons helped in the community advising on fermentation and providing a washing service at their farm for those neighbors who do not yet have their own place.

Drying: In Las Delicas there are always clouds passing by so the drying time takes longer, but this is probably part of what makes this coffee so great. Coffee is dried between 20 and 30 days in small solar driers or greenhouses. Such care is taken in the drying process that at the rare times the sun is at full strength a saranda or dark mesh cloth is draped over the greenhouses.

finca el laurel
solar drying coffee

From The Farm To The Enthusiasts

Coffee Samples were taken and cupped at IHCAFE el Paraiso by Nahum Mairena and at CAFETANO Tegucigalpa by Yasmin Blandin

The coffee was moved across the country where an experienced processing plant was hired to sort and package our coffee based on the European Process.  We hope that as a result of our 2018 sales we can invest in a micro milling machine and gravimetric separator for the community so our coffee can be 100% handled in Las Delicias right up until export.

Farmed in Honduras, Roasted in Canada. We are Seis Cielo.